De Vries Electric, Inc. was founded upon principles that continue to reign authoritative in everyday business. When our company’s founder translated a dream into a reality and elected to enter the field of Electrical Contracting, we decided we wanted to do more than just successfully complete our projects. Our competition is able to do that, and clients expect that. So we elected to go the extra mile, to fulfill the unexpected. We set out to operate, manage and perform our responsibilities with moral character, loyalty and integrity in excellence. We formed a foundation of values that we would find ourselves pleased to build a reputation on. From the very first day we deemed the importance of listening to our clients, whether they be owners or General Contractors, or whatever the affiliation.

We seek out their needs, their intentions, their discouragements with past projects, and we decided to make a De Vries Electric, Inc. difference. We have formed a company where production and efficiency are common passwords. We strive daily to perform in a very high, quality minded manner.

Excellence is daily communicated both in our goals to be a top performer in this industry and also in the reality of a completed project. Taking care of details is one part of the equation that has allowed us to participate in prominence.

De Vries Electric, Inc. has exemplified that style from founder to its employees, when working a project with us, we are sure that you will find commitment and enthusiasm that may surprise you. Individual project attention is no idle phrase here.

Our people want to share with you a successful project, they are dedicated to seeing a project start and finish with a great sense of pride. It is precisely those achievements that allow us to continue to add to our list of completed projects and also our list of lasting relationships.

We would like for you to allow us the opportunity to work with you and for you. Feel how comfortable your find yourself in and environment of construction where some companies herald it as “professionalism”. We prefer to call it “Old World Values” as founded by this company’s president several years ago, but still very relevant today and carried on by a team of very dedicated, aggressive individuals.

It is with this formula that we have been taught and that we continue to learn from one project to another. It is that part of the equation that has allowed us to participate in the electrical construction industry with the accomplishments and success that have helped us learn today so we may experience and enjoy a better tomorrow.